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The public-outcry auction provides many advantages to sellers and buyers over alternative asset disposal methods. Among these opportunities are:

  • Provides excitement, encourages competition, and focuses attention on a "date certain" sale.
  • Provides open, fair, and non-discriminatory bidding environment, greatly enhancing opportunities for all purchasers.
  • Eliminates high carrying costs.
  • Reduces marketing time.
  • Creates urgency and energy, a climate that tends to maximize the sale proceeds to the seller.
  • Promises minimal defaults because substantial bid deposits are required.
  • Provides immediate confirmation of sale.
  • Minimizes negotiations between the buyer and the seller.
  • Provides a market-based verification of value.
  • Provides individual sellers in multiple owner auctions with the benefits of auction marketing at an affordable cost.
  • Terms of the sale are already understood and accepted before a bid is placed or accepted.
  • Allows individual parcels of land to be offered divided and as a whole in the same day, by-passing long and uncertain retail sales efforts.


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